We are more than a "Lead Gen" company. Our sole focus is on delivering precisely what you need: qualified, booked appointments for professionals in the real estate industry. With a team of seasoned experts who understand the unique challenges of this field, we've honed a strategic approach that prioritises quality over quantity. We tailor our methods to your individual needs, ensuring that every appointment aligns with your goals and resonates with your target audience


What We Offer For You

Discover: Lead Generation

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, success begins with leads, and that's where our "Discover" tier shines. We specialise in lead generation strategies that are tailor-made for the real estate industry. Using cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and our expertise in Facebook Lead Generation ads, we identify and engage potential clients actively seeking your services. Our data-driven approach ensures that every lead we generate is of the highest quality, giving you a competitive edge in a crowded market. With "Discover," you'll have a consistent influx of promising leads to fuel your growth.

2. Dispose: Lead Qualification and Nurturing

Once the leads are in your pipeline, the next crucial step is ensuring they are not just leads but opportunities waiting to be seized. This is where our "Dispose" tier comes into play. We take a meticulous approach to lead qualification, identifying those prospects who are genuinely interested and ready to take the next step. But it doesn't stop there; we also excel in nurturing these leads, guiding them through the sales journey, and building relationships that lead to conversions. With "Dispose," you'll witness your leads transform into clients who are enthusiastic about working with you.

3. Deliver: Booked Appointments into Your Calendar

At LB Media, we understand that your time is your most valuable asset. That's why our "Deliver" tier is designed to streamline your appointment-setting process. We take the qualified leads we've nurtured and turn them into booked appointments on your calendar. No more time wasted on back-and-forth communication; we handle the logistics, ensuring that your appointments are efficiently scheduled, allowing you to focus on what you do best—closing deals and providing exceptional service to your clients. With "Deliver," your calendar will be filled with appointments that align with your goals, allowing you to maximise your productivity and revenue.

Transparency and Performance: Your Clear View to Success

At LB Media, we believe that transparency is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have a clear and comprehensive view of every stage of the real estate sales acquisition process. From "Discover" to "Dispose" and "Deliver," we provide you with a bird's eye view of every conversation, text, email, lead, and appointment, giving you the confidence that every action is aligned with your goals.


1. How does LB Media generate leads for real estate professionals?

LB Media specialises in lead generation for the real estate industry through targeted digital marketing strategies. We leverage platforms like Facebook with precision, utilising advanced ad campaigns and data-driven approaches. Our goal is to identify and engage potential clients actively seeking your services, ensuring a steady stream of high-quality leads for your business.

2. What sets LB Media apart from other lead generation agencies?

LB Media stands out for several reasons. First, we have a specialised focus on the real estate sector, allowing us to tailor our strategies to your industry's unique needs. Second, our commitment to transparency means you have full visibility into every step of the lead generation process. Lastly, we prioritise lead quality over quantity, ensuring that the leads we provide are genuinely interested and ready to engage with you.

3. Are all leads exclusive to me?

Yes, at LB Media, we prioritise the exclusivity of leads for our clients. When we generate leads for your real estate business, those leads are yours and yours alone. We do not share or resell leads to other professionals in the same industry. This exclusivity ensures that you have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with potential clients and maximise your conversion rates.

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